Sweet Republic Phoenix

Ice Cream
6054 N 16th St (at E Bethany Home Rd)
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(602) 535-5990


  • This artisanal shop specializes in unique, boundary-pushing flavors like Honey Blue Cheese, Sichuan Chocolate, and Medjool Date, but the classics are just as delicious.
  • Go & cut some Madagascar Vanilla with almond toffee brittle, fresh bananas, & salted caramel sauce or go throw in some Mexican Coke for a Brown Cow. Thats what the kids are calling it on the street.
  • I had the double trouble with rocky road and brownie swirl ice cream w/ hot fudge, whip, cookies and brownies. It was amazing. Ice Cream Heaven, that's what this place should be called.
  • I love Matcha however the Earl Grey was Ah-mazing!! Delicate & unique.
  • Tiny little place that serves some great ice cream. Some "out there" flavors but the tame usual ones too. Banana toffee pudding ice cream was delicious.
  • Their Almond Buttercrunch ice cream is amazing. Buttery and roasted nutty, so Good! I'm dying to try the Toffee Banofi sundae, but I just can't stop ordering the Almond Buttercrunch when we stop in.
  • Toffee banofi is awesome.
  • Toffee Banofi is amazing.
  • Everything is good
  • I have to agree with Alton Brown. Their toffee bonafi is the best sundae I have ever eaten.
  • Lemon basil sorbet
  • Horchata/kulfi in waffle bowl
  • What's not good here? Everything always good
  • Try the rose flavor ice cream
  • Simply the best ice cream.
  • Sweet Corn is my favorite flavor and it's only available when corn is in season so it goes fast, but you have to try either that flavor or one of their amazing other ones.
  • The salted caramel, the lavender honey and the watermelon are my favorites, but watch their Facebook page for great specials like The Elvis!