Swedish Man Says Cops Stole His Alcohol

A Swedish man said the cops who confiscated his alcohol drank it

A Swedish man says police drank his alcohol and refilled the bottles with water.

A Swedish man who had his stash of alcohol bottles confiscated several years ago finally got them back from police, but he says the cops drank most of it.

According to The Local, the man’s home was raided in 2007 by police who suspected he had flouted alcohol laws by bringing back too many bottles of wine, beer, and spirits from Germany. The bottles were confiscated. Four years later, however, the charges against him were dropped and police returned the bottles, but the man says many of the bottles went missing, and much of the wine, beer, and cider in his collection had gone past its “best before” date.

On top of all that, the man says someone drank five bottles of vodka and 10 bottles of gin and refilled them with water.

Police say they don’t know who pilfered the booze, but admitted fault and agreed to pay the man 16,000 kronor, or $2,200, for the stolen alcohol.

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