SVEE Knits Are Dreaming of Being A Part of Your Closet This Fall


There are some things that only experience can bring to the table. All of the natural talent in the world, while great, can't make up for the know-how of having already done it. For SVEE designer and founder Voravit Lapnarongchai, his background in global fashion houses allowed him the knowledge with which to build his label and create a brand of blended knits, wools and leathers. And while his drive to be a staple in your closet isn't enough to put him there, the modern cuts, mixed textures and comfortable fabrics of the new fall collection make a compelling argument.
Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Voravit Lapnarongchai had worked with some of the top designers in the world before branching out on his own. Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in 2003, he immediately began work in the industry, something he knew that he had wanted to do since he was young. Interning with Michael Kors as an assistant designer, he honed his craft before landing the coveted job of head designer of knitwear with Derek Lam. He's consulted with Wes Gordon, assisted Punch Huton with her debut line and now he's created his own women's brand focusing on the knitwear he knows so well.
Drawing inspiration from not only his rich cultural background and world travels, but from the streets of the city around him, the New York based designer channels his ideas into feminine, sophisticated knits for modern women. In the hopes that "women [will] feel confident in whatever they wear" he designs with comfort in mind, not just fashion. While luxury garments are a main focus, creating clothing that will become an integral piece of a woman's wardrobe is the passionate that drives his work. Lapnarongchai makes designs that can be styled for day or night and will work transitionally with the other pieces in a woman's personal collection.
For his Fall/Winter 2013 collection specifically, Lapnarongchai referenced vintage looks from winters in Colorado and upstate New York. Giving the look an old-school ski resort vibe, he worked with different textiles and knits to create a modern take on each piece. Manipulating perforated nappa leathers, fine gauge and chunky merino, and lambswool, he mixes these mediums to create an iconic SVEE trademark look. The high quality fabric is sturdy, well-knit and retains its shape and while most sweaters hold too tight or have too much give, these pieces are perfectly made to be both comfortable and chic.
This fall is a big season for leathers and SVEE pieces give you just the right amount of trend-worthiness without making it look like you raided your teenage daughter's closet. They're youthful and contemporary while still maintaining their lady-like luxury. Traditional fall and winter hues of plum, gray and black dominate the color palette, but the staggering of lengths and textures keep everything fresh for the upcoming season.
SVEE is available in fine boutiques nationwide and is priced at $95-$425.