Sutro Baths

Historic Site, Scenic Lookout, Trail
Point Lobos Ave. (at Merrie Way)
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 426-5240


  • Beautiful! Just be aware there are 120+ steps down that you have to climb back up. Or you can take the ramp but that doubles the distance.
  • Todays adventurers will find lots of hiking around the ruins, a few good restaurants nearby, & some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge youll ever behold.
  • Best to visit at sunset!
  • SF Weeklys Best Of 2011 Winner Editorial Pick BEST RUINS IN THE MIDST OF A CITYIt's a gorgeous, poignant place to visit (and, mark our words, a spectacular spot to bring out-of-towners).
  • Definitely make sure the weather is not windy! Check out the sutro bath area, along with the caves and the hiking trail!
  • Don't get wet!
  • I don't recommend wearing nice/expensive shoes. The inside of the cave can get quite muddy from the waves splashing in from outside.
  • This place catches the best lightning storms off the water.If you don't know the history,you should wiki that shit.One of the coolest spots in the city.
  • The other-worldly Sutro Bath ruins on the north end of Ocean Beach, was formerly a family swimming and amusement center in the late nineteenth century built by millionaire Adolph Sutro.
  • Awesome place to check out and explore. Smells like seafood because of the ocean there of course. Kind of gross if you're not used to it
  • There's a secret cave at the bottom of the staircase that's really cool. The best time to come is around sunset, but there are a lot of tourists. Parking is difficult.
  • Cool place to hike and watch the sunset. If the tide is out check out the cave. Very romantic spot.
  • SF classic
  • There's a hidden away cave at the bottom of the stairs.
  • World's largest indoor swimming pool ruins, great view of the Pacific
  • Gets very cold in the evening, but it's without question one of the best spots I've ever been to for a sunset.
  • There is a river otter that lives in the baths
  • Talk to Tom Bratton the guide. He used to work at the Sutro Baths as a kid! So nice and very informative. He's got pictures too!
  • Walk through the cave/tunnel. The view at the end is amazing!
  • This is my favorite place to take out-of-town guests. The bath house ruins are amazing as is the view of the Pacific and the Golden Gate Bridge. #^_^#

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