Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi, Japanese
$ $ $ $
23 Commerce St (btwn Bedford St & 7th Ave S)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-2212
11:30am - 3:00pm
5:00pm - 10:15pm
11:30am - 3:00pm
5:00pm - 10:15pm
11:30am - 3:00pm
5:00pm - 10:15pm
11:30am - 3:00pm
5:00pm - 10:15pm
11:30am - 3:00pm
5:00pm - 10:15pm
11:30am - 3:00pm
5:00pm - 10:15pm
5:00pm - 10:15pm

Those obsessed with sushi watched the 2011 documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi with fascination and envy directed toward the lucky diners. Patrons sit at the small bar in the tiny, three-Michelin-star restaurant run by Jiro Ono and tucked into a Tokyo subway station and marvel at the years his sons and apprentices took to master rice and egg custard. A similar scene of marvel and fascination is now taking place in New York City at Sushi Nakazawa, the West Village restaurant opened by restaurateur Alessandro Borgognone with Jiro’s apprentice Daisuke Nakazawa in late 2013. In just six months, America gained not just one of its best sushi restaurants, but one of its best restaurants, period. Your two-hour meal at Sushi Nakazawa will feature about 21 pieces of sushi that Nakazawa prepares with dedication to tradition and ingredients. Prices are $120 for one of the 25 seats in the back, and $150 for a seat for the show at the counter. 

— Arthur Bovino, 101 Best Restaurants, April 1, 2015



  • Shauna Lyon on this new West Village sushi restaurant: The parade of nigiribite-size slices of fish on top of vinegar-seasoned ricewill lull you into an appreciative stupor.
  • Grab a seat at the bar. Get the paired sake menu. Savor each piece. Enjoy the smell (it's not weird!). Cleanse your palette with ginger between courses. It's superb. One of the best meals in NYC.
  • Sushi Nakazawa is the 10-seat omakase restaurant from former Jiro Ono-apprentice Daisuke Nakazawa. Sushi Nakazawa serves omakase tastings paired with sake, but plans to introduce an expanded menu.
  • Sake pairing is completely worth it. $40 for 6 pairings and a generous pour.
  • The premium sake selection pairing is definitely worth it. It was a crash course in the possibilities of sake you never knew existed (like ros sake).
  • The scallop and uni were probably the best I have ever eaten. The 3 tunas, hay smoked salmon and shrimp pieces stood out this night for their flavor. Nakazawa and his staff were incredibly gracious.
  • Sushi was good for US, but just average compared to places in Japan. Overrated.. Will not go again..
  • No tip other except to effuse 'arigato' after your best meal ever. Best handroll of all time. Nakazawa-san is on top of his game.
  • Watch the "Jiro Dream of Sushi" documentary on Netflix before you come here
  • Get the saki pairing. $40 is a good deal.
  • The uni is the best sushi in NYC, making our list of "The Tastes That Make the City: NYC Edition."
  • Sushi Heaven marries Sushi Theater for a meal you won't forget. Must do the Saki pairing and don't think twice.
  • Every restaurant should push your chair in WHILE you're already sitting on it! :)
  • Phenomenal meal! Definitely do the omakase and get the sake pairing. Love the detail they put into everything. Chef Nakazawa is awesome and so fun! Definitely gonna treat myself to another meal soon!
  • This place is pretty phenomenal, that's all you need to know.
  • The Sea Eel, the Toro, the Bonito, and the Ivory King Salmon were the best bites!
  • One of the top 3 meals I've ever had. Omakase is unreal
  • We so wanted to love it! We've done all the great NYC sushi spots (Masa, Yasuda, Sasabune, Gari, neta, etc) but it was just Good. Not amazing and not worth the price point. Lower your expectations.
  • Great omakase leaves you full. Good value given the quality and amount of sushi!
  • Believe all the hype - Sushi Nakazawa delivered a flawless meal from beginning to end. Everything from the food to the service was perfect.

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