Survey: Only 2 Percent Say ‘Dad’ Their Favorite Person To Shop For During Holidays

Survey: Only 2 Percent Say ‘Dad’ Their Favorite Person To Shop For During Holidays

Indianapolis, Ind. (CBS CLEVELAND) – An overwhelming majority of tech-savvy Millennials say they will do their holiday shopping at the mall this holiday season, but don’t ask them to shop for dad – just 2 percent said “dad” was their favorite person to shop for, falling behind “someone else” with 3 percent.

A new “Holiday Shopping Behavior Survey” conducted by the Simon Property Group finds that young Americans may be attached to their phones, but they still prefer to make their holiday purchases at shopping malls instead of online. Almost nine-in-ten (89 percent) of survey respondents between the ages of 18 and 33 will head to the mall.

“As today’s technology-savvy millennials clearly know, there’s just no substitute for the inspiration and sense of discovery that malls provide,” said Mikael Thygesen, Chief Marketing Officer for Simon. “The wide variety of shopping options is a major mall attraction as they search for that perfect gift for family members, friends and co-workers.”

A wide variety of shopping options and the need to physically browse through gifts were cited as factors for people’s overwhelming preference to head to the mall. In total, 83 percent of those surveyed said they plan to do their shopping for one or more gifts at the mall.

Slightly more than three-quarters of Millennials (76 percent) and 72 percent of Gen X shoppers said they used online outlets to help refine and focus their holiday searches before heading to the mall to make those purchases.

But one person that is not on the top of everyone’s to-do shopping list is a near consensus across the board: Dad.

Asked about “their favorite person to shop for” during the holiday season, “children” finished first with 40 percent, “spouse/partner earned 24 percent, “extended family member/friend received 13 percent, “mother” finished fourth at 9 percent, and “boyfriend/ girlfriend” pulled in 8 percent.

But “Dad” received just 2 percent of the “favorite person” poll, finishing just behind “someone else” who took in 3 percent.

“At Simon, we feel Dad’s pain at this festive time of year and hope fathers everywhere will rise on gift-giving lists as the holiday shopping season peaks in coming weeks,” said Thygesen.

The 2014 holiday shopping behavior survey polled 1,048 U.S. shoppers over the age of 18.