Supreme Court of the United States

1 1st St NE (at E Capitol St NE)
Washington, DC 20543
(202) 479-3000


  • After the federal government was established in Washington, the court was housed in a basement room in the US Capitol until 1929, when Chief Justice Taft argued successfully for their own building.
  • Be sure to check out the gift shop in the basement! Also the food here is pretty good so if your looking for somewhere to eat on the mall look no further!
  • Click the link below to listen to a digital audio recording of President Clinton on the death of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall
  • First female, and now former, Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor, is a member of The Junior League.
  • When court's in session, you can stand in a line to hear three minutes of oral arguments. Powered by
  • the place where things get done
  • Scalia, Breyer, and Kennedy are hilarious. Someone wake up Thomas.
  • Pretty cool - ESP for political geeks like me
  • There have been four female Supreme Court Justices, but Sandra Day O'Connor was the first- and she was nominated by President Reagan on July 7, 1981. She was sworn in on September 25 of the same year.
  • Check out this video of Justice Kegan in a C-SPAN interview discussing her use of a Kindle to read briefs.
  • Watch C-SPANs documentary on the Supreme Court, which includes interviews with every living Justice.
  • Police take way too long to get people inside!
  • Supreme Court Health Care Oral Argument Same-Day Audio, March 26-27 - Will air at approximately 1pm ET on C-SPAN3.
  • You can walk down the steps, but not up them. Make sure to exit from the upper level of the building in the front.
  • How does a new justice affect the Court? Justices tell C-SPAN (YouTube video)
  • It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is.
  • Worth checking out and you can even sit through hearings (if you get there early). Just note that they don't allow any pictures in the actual courtroom and they're quite particular about this. :(
  • Sit in on the 30 minute courtroom lecture - totally worth it!
  • Equality NOW.
  • Finished and occupied in 1935, the Supreme Court's great marble temple is a fitting home for the nation's third branch of government.

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