Support Small Businesses This Saturday

Black Friday's a hot mess, but Saturday's all class

Started by American Express, the annual event urges shoppers to support their local businesses.

Black Friday might get all the press, the crazy screaming people, and the long lines, but when it comes to food, Small Business Saturdays seems a bit more applicable.

Started by American Express, the annual event urges shoppers to support their local businesses by eschewing big box brands and going small; here in New York, there are plenty of bodegas to support, as well as Daily Meal favorite food trucks Taim and Luke's Lobster.

Some ways to participate?

Find a Replacement Starbucks: Sure, Starbucks might have their pumpkin spice lattes, but look around for a local café, where the barista might learn to recognize you and have your drink ready before you order it. (Not saying that our local Starbucks baristas don't know us by name...)

Check out Kickstarter: Plenty of food products are sold online, where small-batch producers churn out quality jams, granola, and more. One project we're excited about? SōSU Srirachup, which mixes Sriracha and ketchup. Yep, that exists.

Go to the Farmers' Market: Plenty of food stands at farmers' markets are local farms or food artisans. You can't go wrong with some butternut squash at this time of year.

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Check Out Small Business Saturday's Website: The site, although a bit slow, lists any small businesses near your area. In Southern California? Robeks, little, fresher sister to Jamba Juice. In Columbus, Ohio? Daily Meal favorite Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, who recently released a four-song winter album as well.