Super Bowl Playlist for Kids

Whether they’re into the big game or not, your kids should have their own playlist, too

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or you live for the commercials , there's a reason for everyone to watch the Super Bowl. 

As the host of your Super Bowl party or gathering, you have to cook and prepare the food, watch all the funny commercials, keep drinks flowing, and of course, keep tabs on the game. What’s the one thing stopping you from doing all of that? Your kids.

If your kids are interested in watching the big game, fantastic. If not, we have some helpful ideas. Set your kids in another room with their favorite snacks and turn on this playlist. Not only will you be able to focus, but they’ll be having their own party while listening to these upbeat, popular crowd favorites (throwbacks included!).

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To start you off, here’s one for the kids. Take a listen to our Kids Super Bowl playlist on Spotify.