Sunset Mall

4001 Sunset Dr (at Southwest Blvd)
San Angelo, TX 76904


  • I've been in bigger walmarts
  • These are the weirdest looking people I have ever seen!!!!
  • The mall sucks.
  • Beware of mall rats. Tend to troll the mall on a daily basis although the mall is crap.
  • It kinda sucks, but it's what we've got...LOL At least we've finally got a Spencers, again...
  • The place is going down hill quick! Find a way to make it better!!!
  • Mall rats 4 life!!
  • Sad mall. Chick-fil-a is the best choice for food in lousy food court. Too many kiosks in the mall. They get a bit pushy and annoying. The kids play area is dirty and over crowded with BIG kids.
  • Check out the card shop! Awesome deals on MTG, and the owner is real cool.
  • I'm almost certain that this mall is the absolute worst mall I've ever been to.
  • Make sure you write down where you parked. It gets pretty crowded and you may lose track of where you're going.
  • Avoid a husky girl with pink in her hair straight plague
  • Is this really considered a mall? I think not
  • Coastal Cookies doesn't take cards. Try and convince them to join the 20th century. Then maybe later they can try for the 21st.

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