Sunrise Ramen (日出拉面)

Ramen, Japanese
Fangyuan W Rd (at Jiangtai Rd)
北京市, 北京市
+86 10 6438 6892


  • 5, mao dou and pao cai.
  • Best and cheap ramen ever ... Love it...
  • Localized ramen. Small, packed and pretty lively, this place serves decent ramen with rather starchy broth. Get their bean sprouts, skip their gyoza and youre good to go.
  • The ramen and fried dumplings were great!
  • Go here for some good inexpensive ramen. Be prepared to see some fatty pork in your bowl. It's all good. You can always eat around the fat.
  • Try number 3 and spicy miso ramen
  • Try number 3 an spicy miso ramen
  • 12suai