Sunbrella IMAX 3D Theatre

Row 1

50 Walkers Brook Dr (North Ave)
Reading, MA 01867
(781) 944-9090
Movie Theater, Cineplex

Foursquare Tips

  • Don't follow the signs, the theater is right behind fuddruckers.
  • Place rules. The best way to see a movie.
  • Best theater in the Northeast.
  • Very comfy seats in the theater. The glasses are 1.50 so save them for future movies
  • Wear a hoodie, it's always really cold inside.
  • Best value and amazing way to see a film!
  • Save your glasses for the next 3D movie you go to and you won't have to pay the premium.
  • 30 mind before the show there's already a line!
  • Comfy seats, awesome sound, best movie screen in New England
  • They need to change up the music before the movie starts. They've been playing the same playlist for years.
  • Be sure to try fuddruckers
  • get into the queue early to get the best seats... If you don't no worries... no seat is really that bad!
  • If it's going to be a blockbuster movie, order tickets online a few days in advance and make sure to get there 45mins before the movie starts, try not to be late, espesically with a large group
  • The arm rests are slighty ripping enough to scrape your arm, avoid the last row.
  • Sit high and in the middle-- you can see all of the screen without straining. After the movie, go to Richardson's for a frappe.
  • Great theatre. Worth a drive for special movies that really take advantage of IMAX 3D 4K Laser Butkicker sound. Like Star Wars Force Awakens
  • Greatest movie theater on the entire east coast
  • A real IMAX theater with the huge screen and now updated to the new digital laser projection system. Only a few in the world with it!
  • Bring $ because everything here costs.
  • The only place you can watch a real IMAX movie, in a really comfy seat (complete with a personal subwoofer)... All for $11.