A Summery Tomato Jam and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, perfect choux pastry, plus gin and tonics that make a statement

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Mag
Jazz up a classic gin and tonic with a supersized lemon peel à la La Vara in New York.

NY Times
Roasted beets with fresh cheese and almonds? Perfect.

LA Times
This pâte à choux recipe might be doable if you have a spare afternoon.

SF Chronicle
Grilled eggs may sound more like breakfast, but this recipe, which stuffs eggs in peppers, might just become a brunch staple.

Preserve your sweet summer tomatoes with a savory tomato jam.

Chicago Tribune
A super-fast grain salad mixed with peaches for a light summer dinner.

Seattle Times
Really, do you need a reason to make something called an "Ice Cream and Brownie Cannonball?"

Kitchen Daily
Light and healthy grilled trout becomes a spread on endive and cucumbers for summer parties.

Portland Press Herald
Yes, please do take the time to grill up some lobsters this weekend. And invite us over.

Washington Post
Bacon and oysters change up the "surf 'n turf" theme in this angels on horseback recipe.