Summer's Hottest Kitchen Gadgets

Stock up your kitchen with these essential summer gadgets
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Summer's Hottest Kitchen Gadgets

Summer brings out the best of us, culinarily-speaking. Amazing seasonal produce, warm weather, and that extra energy in the air make us yearn to get into the kitchen and try new recipes or throw the best summer dinner party. While the heat rises and our culinary juices start to flow, now is a better time than ever to stock up on some of the latest and hottest kitchen gadgets.

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A nifty ice cream scoop makes it easier than ever to serve up summer favorites, while a premium Microplane set helps you grate, zest, and prep just about anything for your summer meals. Make your grilling process the most efficient with the new three-in-one grilling Stake, and keep your beach diet in check with T-Fal’s latest yogurt maker.

No matter what new culinary skills you’re sharpening this summer, these gadgets are the perfect assets to have on hand in the kitchen. Easy to use and affordable, they’ll make sure your summer cooking goes off without a hitch.

Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce