Summer Sips for Seafood

Try an all-American wine for a New England tradition: the clambake
Clambake Wines

Photo Modified: Flickr/ArnoldGatilao

Classic clambakes pair well with a sparkling California wine.

Boiled potatoes, steaming-hot fresh clams, crab claws, or lobster tails… or all of the above? Talk about delicious fare for a summer soirée.

Here are some timeless and tasty wine pairing tips for summer entertaining via an old-fashioned clambake, or one with a contemporary twist. These wine pairing recommendations were provided by Bottlenotes CEO Alyssa Rapp on The TODAY Show last month. 

Classic Clambake: With a classic clambake, serve a California sparkling wine. Its bright acidity stands up to the sauces often served at a clambake, while its effervescence can be refreshing throughout a hot summer evening. And many California sparkling wines are slightly sweet, a perfect complement to the subtle sweetness found in most shellfish, particularly shrimp, and crab claws.

Perfect wine pairing: GLORIA FERRER non-vintage Sonoma Brut (Sonoma, Calif.) $14.95. Find it here.
Gloria Ferrer’s Sonoma Brut balances stone fruit (nectarine, white peaches) and soft, bready brioche notes. Paired with clams, shellfish,crab claws, or lobster tails, you can’t go wrong with this decadent summer feast.

Contemporary Clambake: Add Cajun-style grilled shrimp skewers to the culinary mix — pair with riesling!

Perfect wine pairing: PACIFIC RIM Riesling (Washington State) $11. Find it here.
Pacific Rim produces a range of rieslings from dry to sweet, all from Washington State, all around $11 per bottle. We at The Daily Sip® love the floral and aromatic nature of riesling, coupled with its round mouthfeel. It’s a sophisticated little grape — and one that does not have to break the bank!

Summer Splurges: Add steamed lobster in drawn butter to your clambake — paired with a Carneros chardonnay!

Perfect wine pairing: ROMBAUER 2010 Carneros Chardonnay (Carneros, Calif.) $32. Find it here.
Neither overly oaky nor buttery, with peach and nectarine notes shining through, this is a fine wine made by one of the country’s great winemakers for a can’t-miss price.

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(Photo Modified: Flickr/ArnoldGatilao)