The Summer of Riesling: As Sweet As You Want It To Be!

From by Wanda Mann
The Summer of Riesling: As Sweet As You Want It To Be!

image courtesy of the German Wine Institute

School may be out for the summer but let's take a pop quiz! No need for test anxiety, pour yourself a glass of German Riesling and ponder the question below.

What is Riesling?

A.  a crisp and refreshing dry white wine
B. a kind of sweet white wine
C:  a very sweet & rich white wine
D. A really delicious and food-friendly white wine
E. all of the above

The correct answer is all of the above! The beauty of Riesling is its amazing ability to express itself in so many different styles. From super dry to decadently sweet, and everything in between, the versatility of Riesling is virtually unrivaled. Riesling also belongs to an elite club of white wines that have magnificent aging potential. Riesling is grown around the globe but Germany is the home of the world’s largest vineyard area devoted to Riesling. Without a doubt, Germany produces many of the finest Rieslings in the world.

Summer of Riesling logo

Riesling is great year-round but it is an ideal summer sip! Wines of Germany is encouraging consumers to celebrate the Summer of Riesling with special promotions at wine shops and restaurants across the country. Peruse the list for participating businesses near you and to learn how you can win a $25 gift card. And here are two wine recommendations to get you started on your Summer of Riesling adventure. Prost (cheers)!

SA Prum Luminance

DRY RIESLING: S.A. Prüm Luminance Riesling 2013 ($15)
Luminance is the perfect name for this lovely dry Riesling - it fills your glass with a golden shimmer. Named after the reflection of the sun onto the steep vineyards along the Mosel River, this crisp wine has subtle flavors of citrus, peach, and tropical flavors that are balanced by a lip-smacking minerality. Pair with sunny days, picnics, simple salads, spicy cuisine, and good company! 

Muller Catoir
OFF-DRY RIESLING: Müller-Catoir Mussbach Riesling Kabinett 2012 ($27)
Noticeably sweeter than a dry Riesling but not cloying, this off-dry beauty has luscious flavors of peach and citrus that are balanced by a lively acidity. The combination of acidity and fruitiness makes off-dry Riesling an outstanding match with rich and spicy foods. Pair with Asian cuisine, fatty fish, duck, barbecue, and friends with great taste!

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