Suburb Bans Nightclubs, Skate Rinks, Dance Halls

They don't want anything to do with the boozy, buzzed-up scenes


A South Florida suburb has decided to go all Footloose and ban places where townsfolk can bust a move; a new ordinance bans nightclubs, dance halls, and skating rinks (which they fear might hide a nightclub) from opening within city limits.

City representatives of Weston, Fla., tells the Sun-Sentinel that they're afraid these venues will attract disruptive crowds, cause alcohol and drug problems in the county, and other "unlawful and/or undesirable activities."

Of course, teens can always sneak over to neighboring cities for their clubbing needs, or they could just take it to the streets à la Step UpThe Consumerist asks the very important question, "What would Kevin Bacon do?" Considering the remake and everything, maybe it should be "What would Kenny Wormald do?"