Sublime Doughnuts

Donuts, Desserts, Coffee Shop
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535 10th St NW (Hemphill Ave NW)
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 897-1801

Atlanta’s Sub­lime Dough­nuts is one of the country's best doughnut shops, and it may have the best décor: dough­nut graffiti. Since it opened in August 2008, Sub­lime gar­nered quite a bit of atten­tion and praise (this year, Bake mag­a­zine named it America’s best bak­ery). The mid­town Atlanta shop on 10th Street is a huge suc­cess — the brain­child of Culi­nary Insti­tute of Amer­ica and for­mer 3rd Class Petty Offi­cer Kamal Grant (read more about how Sub­lime came to be). You have to get there early to avoid lines. Even on rainy week­ends you’re likely to find a line of peo­ple wait­ing and perus­ing fla­vors on the menu like Dulce de Leche, Reese’s Peanut But­ter Cup, Nutella, But­ter Tof­fee, Red Vel­vet Cake, and many more (the plain glazed is excel­lent too… light, sweet, airy, wish I had one right now). That’s fine. It gives you time to check out the art on the walls, graffiti. “An employee intro­duced me to a tat­too artist name Ken­nie Davis who does graffiti,” noted Grant. “As a lover of hip hop, and grow­ing up at the begin­ning of the hip-hop gen­er­a­tion, I love graf­fiti and I wanted the shop to rep­re­sent my loves.” Just hope that by the time you get to the counter that they haven't run out of their most popular doughnuts, the fresh straw­ber­ries and cream. — 8/4/2012 Arthur Bovino



  • Numerous lists have pegged Sublime as one of the finest doughnut shops in the nation.
  • Crave from the Grave: Hold heaven in the palm of your hand with these delicious donuts. Make sure to go "Elvis Style" if you order the banana fritter. These aren't just donuts, they are works of art!
  • CL Best of Atlanta 2010 winner: Best doughnut. Try the A-town cream (glazed filled with vanilla cream and coated with chocolate) or orange dream star (glazed topped with orange-infused frosting)
  • Go say hi to Homer Simpson and order an Reese's donut! Mmmmm donuts
  • Strawberries and Creme and Red Velvet Cake are the best!
  • I *heart* the raspberry filled powdered heart doughnut.
  • Hands down the best donuts I have ever eaten! They are so moist and just perfect in flavor! I got the red velvet and butter toffee and both were absolutely amazing.
  • The key to Kamal Grant's exceptional doughnuts: He fries them at about 375 degrees for only 45 seconds.
  • The A Town donut is the best donut at the best donut shop in Atlanta.
  • The strawberries and cream is the best!
  • Check out Sublime Doughnuts as it was featured on Unique Sweets for doughnuts and fritters are made with a sweet potato dough and come in fun shapes with decadent flavor combinations
  • Chef/owner Kamal Grant changed the citys donut game; the shop reigns supreme with ridiculous delicacies like fresh strawberries and cream, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, and the beloved A-town cream.
  • Leave the calorie counter at the door and get nasty.
  • The Orange dream star is a yeasty star-shaped doughnut plus tangy orange-infused cream filling plus delicate orange glaze equals doughnut heaven.
  • See if you can wait 30 secs between taking your first bite of strawberries and creame before devouring the whole thing. Id give you points if I could
  • Try the Reese's doughnut!
  • The owner is a cool guy and gives discounts on doughnuts to college students and on orders of a dozen or more The reeses donut is def my favorite & its a must try
  • I highly recommend the Oreo Donut.
  • I have been to Sublime Doughnuts three out of the last seven days. But, I have brought others there with me every time. I am a Sublime Doughnuts evangelist.
  • Breathe out before eating a powdered doughnut, like the Raspberry-filled Heart or the Strawberries and Cream, or you'll spew powdered sugar all over yourself.

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