Stylish Travel App Elizabeth Street Plans Expansion

Elizabeth Street will be hitting up Madrid, Berlin, and Rome starting next month

Traveling with kids is just about the trickiest thing to do, so of course stylish mothers would be the best sources for travel tips.

Enter Elizabeth Street, an iPad app with recommendations for New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Milan from mothers like stylist Rachel Zoe and artist Karen Kimmel.

The app is the brainchild of Emanuele Della Valle, who was inspired by "the simple observation of seeing how much time my wife and her girlfriends spent online researching the best that the world has to offer for their children but also for themselves as moms," he said.

Up next for the app are Madrid, Berlin, and Rome in February, followed by Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo in March.

Luckily for non-travelers, users can also use the app to find hidden gems in their hometown. "After living in L.A. for over a decade, I was surprised by how many great new spots I discovered working with our Elizabeth Street contributors," Foodinista's Heather John Fogarty, who helped launch the app, told us.

Her next trips will include a visit to Pasadena's Kids Space Museum, Karen Kimmel's DIY craft workshops at Palm Spring's Ace Hotel, and a Korean spa per her mother's recommendation.

"Mothers know how to plan for the unplanned," Fogarty told us. "That is, having options and a variety of trusted recommendations so that, say, if their kid isn’t up for a museum that day, they know where to find the best hot chocolate instead." And as usual, mothers know best.

Check back next week for Fogarty's top five Los Angeles restaurants.

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