Study Says Coffee Makes You Lazy, We Disagree

Researchers found that hardworking rats opted for easier tasks after a hit of caffeine

Employers may not want to hear this, but your afternoon coffee break might actually make you less productive.

A new study researching the effects of caffeine on rats found that while lazy rats just stayed lazy with a caffeine boost, hardworking rats got lazier.

Amphetamines, on the other hand, turned working rats into slackers, but made lazy rats more productive.

Researchers gave rats an option of choosing a more difficult task with higher reward or an easier task with a lesser reward. In the beginning, rats were divided into those who worked for the higher reward and those who slacked and got less.

After the rats were given doses of either amphetamines or caffeine, researchers found that those who previously worked harder began choosing the easier task.

Of course, lead author Jay Hosking told Fox News that this is all on a case-by-case basis."I think this is already somewhat understood in everyday life; for some of us, coffee really does the trick for those long hours in the middle of the day, but for other people it makes them too jittery or aroused to concentrate on their work," he said. Well, it works just fine in our office.