Student Recreation Center

Gym, Basketball Court, Track
101 Piedmont Ave SE (at Georgia State University)
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 413-1750


  • An awesome absolutely beautiful recreational facility!
  • Nadia is the best zumba instructor.. she will get you right..
  • On the indoor track, walk on the outside lane, run in the inside lane!
  • The bottom floor is intimidating but everyone is doing their own thing. Own YOUR workout!
  • Drink plenty of water during your workout!
  • There is a microwave here in snack area
  • Grab a spotter and push your limits today!!!
  • Go on the weekends and you practically have the place to yourself :D
  • Just realized the fans run off my momentum on the ellipticals. Soon as I get off, the fan cuts off!
  • you can watch Saved By the Bell for free in the morning XD!!
  • Correction it isn't FREE to rent a towel... It is .50!
  • Do not, repeat NOT swim in the pool without goggles. The chlorine level could kill a small child.
  • It's free to rent a towel.
  • Try the track on the top floor, nice and air conditioned and gets you off those treadmills and ellipticals that can sometimes get boring!
  • The SRC is a great facility and students who haven't checked out what their student fees are paying for, should! There really is something for everyone! Visit to check out all t
  • Play a couple games of racket ball.
  • There are certain girls that work here that always wave, say "hi" and smile at me. They don't know how much I appreciate that when I'm going thru a rough day. If only they knew...
  • With all the rule requirements to use the sauna, it's a wonder anyone goes in there to use it at all. Way too intense for my liking.
  • ZTA says "Go Greek!" Visit for more information :)!!
  • Remember not to wear tank tops or do corner rows! You'll get in trouble for both.

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