Strawberry + Nutella Hand Pies

Strawberry + Nutella Hand Pies


During the winter last year I enrolled in a baking class at ICE. One recipe that we learned was for a basic pie dough. I remember the dough being perfectly flaky and not too sweet. We used it to make a double crust apple pie.

We’re nearing towards the end of January and with Valentine’s Day coming up I decided to tweak the pie dough recipe slightly and create a fun heart shaped treat. The result = strawberry and nutella hand pies!

Before I begin baking, I always like to gather all of my ingredients. It makes the process a lot easier and helps prevent mistakes with measurements. I usually place each ingredient in a separate bowl. When making pie dough, I also like to use one large bowl to mix the ingredients in. I learned a little trick during my ICE class that when you are breaking up the butter you should use a large bowl and start with all the flour and butter on one side. Then one by one you pick up each cube of butter, smash it between your fingers to break it up and drop it on the empty side of the bowl. This helps ensure you cut up all the butter and you don’t miss any!

I really like Le Creuset’s multi bowls. They come in a few different sizes which is perfect for holding different volumes of ingredients. The large bowl in the set of three is also the perfect size for mixing pie dough using the separation method I mentioned before.

After making the pie dough, I stamped out heart shapes using a cookie cutter and added a teaspoon of Bonne Maman strawberry jam and a teaspoon of Nutella. For the frosting, I wanted to get a little messy and let it have that “dripping” effect where the icing starts to ooze off the side. I went with a simple confection sugar icing with strawberry flavoring and a little pink food coloring.


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*Disclaimer: Bowls were gifted by Le Creuset, all opinions are my own. 


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