Storm Runner

Theme Park
Pioneer Frontier (at Hersheypark)
Hershey, PA 17033
(800) 437-7439


  • Must ride from the front car. Launches like a jet from a catapult.
  • Storm Runner has a great launch! First launch coaster to have inversions! Largest cobra roll in the world (sort of)!
  • Before Kingda Ka.. Storm Runner. Love the Loop Corkscrews & Raven Turns
  • Mind your testicles..
  • Don't leave Hershey park without riding it! Lol.
  • awesome!! wait is iffy but it's worth it
  • The ride lasts literally 45 seconds, it is fun, but I wish it was longer. Overall a good ride but it would be better if it was longer!
  • Have someone who isn't riding? Have them stand on the platform near Sidewinder and watch you blast off! Makes a great photo op, too!
  • Don't wait for the front its not worth go in the second seats in stead trust me I've been on storm runner over 200 times
  • The Storm Runner is not a coaster you go to ride, it's a ride you check to see if it might be running as you walk by.
  • This coaster surprised me. It was longer than most excelorator coasters. And wasnt too bad.
  • My. Absolute. Favorite. Ride. It's worth chasing that rush right in the beginning.
  • 0 to 70 mph at the start then right into the first huge loop followed by some great spirals at fast speeds makes this one of the best coasters they have. Thrill seeking awesomeness!
  • The fast start is super intense, get ready.
  • Great lines so fast
  • This ride is sick
  • Thrilling, great fun
  • Bring a neck brace!
  • Speed makes it less scary
  • Hold on tight. Great ride c:

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