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You've Been Using The Word Popsicle Wrong (But Should
You Care?)
By Elias Nash
The Popsicle Corporation and the Good Humor brand once fought about who had the rights to Popsicles, but the rivalry was put to bed when Unilever purchased and united them under one conglomerate. Today, Unilever holds exclusive rights to the words Popsicle, Creamsicle, Fudgsicle, and Yosicle, and they have some pretty ridiculous rules about how you can use them.
According to Unilever, Popsicle® isn't a noun, and it should not be used in the plural or possessive forms. The proper term for the thing we all call a popsicle is "Popsicle® ice pop," and the company insists on having the "®" in the name every time.
It should come as no surprise that people constantly break Unilever's rules regarding the use of Popsicle®, and you're not going to get in trouble if you simply say it wrong. However, if you're selling frozen stuff on a stick, be sure not to include the “sicle” suffix, as Unilever has threatened legal action against companies using the word “popsicle” in the past.