Roasted vegetables on baking sheet
You're Tossing Oil On Your Roasted Vegetables At
The Wrong Time
By Carly Weaver
Roasted vegetables are one of the easiest side dishes to make and all you need to do is cut your favorite veggies, toss in olive oil and seasonings, and pop it in the oven.
However, the next time
you're about to put a tray of vegetables in the oven, don't add oil as this could completely change the outcome of
your roasted vegetables.
Chef Nick Balla of COAST Big Sur Cafe is a big believer in dry roasting vegetables first and then adding your fatty oil or flavorful sauce once they're cooked.
“Dry roasting makes for a more natural pairing because you retain a lot of freshness and brightness, and they absorb the fat anyway,” Balla tells Food & Wine.
Most vegetables naturally contain a lot of water, so when you roast them on their own rather than douse them with more liquid, that water is able to dry up.
Roasting vegetables this way makes them more absorbent, while also caramelizing their sugars, to produce a deeper flavor, texture, and aromatic compounds.