A grande iced green matcha latte and venti pink drink from Starbucks
You're Only 2 Groceries Away From A Perfect Starbucks Pink Drink Dupe
By Lauren Farkas
One of Starbucks' most unique concoctions in recent years is the Pink Drink, described by Starbucks as a "delicious blend of strawberry and acai fruit juice, green coffee extract, ice and coconut milk." Buying them day in and out can get expensive, but luckily one TikToker has shared a homemade alternative that could easily pass for the real thing.
The "Pink Drink DOOP," as the TikTok video is captioned, is made by mixing three parts Ocean Spray White Cran-Strawberry juice and one part Silk Coconut Milk over ice. You can also throw in freeze-dried strawberries to make the tribute drink more visually similar to the original, but, as the OP states, "it's not necessary."
This Pink Drink dupe is significantly more affordable, as using the original TikTok recipe requires ingredients that cost about $8, while a Starbucks Grande Pink Drink costs about $4.75. You can save even more if you swap for store-brand ingredients, but the investment is worth it for Pink Drink regulars, as one bottle and carton of each can make multiple servings.