Cropped shot of the male hands holding a part of silicone turquise icetray. An icetray with ice is lying on the white table. Man is wearing a gray T-shirt. Ice cubes are on the table.
Your Ice Cube Trays Are The Secret Weapon For Perfect Homemade Pizza Rolls
By Brianna Corley
When it comes to homemade pizza roll hacks, the internet is a great place to look, but they’re not all winners. Instead of making pizza rolls that will fall short in both looks and taste, dig out your ice cube tray for a much more satisfying, childhood nostalgia-reducing result. 
Start by coating your ice cube trays with flour or non-stick cooking spray, then layer and press the rolled-out dough into the pockets and divide the stuffing into each serving. After that, add on a top layer of dough, flip the rolls onto a baking sheet, and cut them into single servings before popping them into the oven at 425 degrees.
To prevent your pizza roll dough from coming undone, give them some time to freeze while they’re still in the ice cube tray, and refrain from overstuffing them. You can get creative with the ingredients you put into the pizza rolls, but for a near replica of the famous Totino’s snack, you only need pepperoni, chicken, beef, mozzarella, and tomato sauce.