Paper grocery bags with fruits, vegetables, and more
Your Grocery Store Produce Is Probably Dirtier Than You Think
By Christina Garcia
While most grocery stores mist their produce, they don’t actually wash it for you, so it’s important that you wash it yourself before cooking or eating it. Doing so will ensure that there are no insects (like spiders, maggots, or beetles), but it’s not just insect removal that a good wash can handle.
When produce arrives bug-free, it’s typically because pesticides are used before and after harvest time, which can cling to the food. While some pesticide residue is okay for consumption, going without washing your produce will result in the highest dose possible, so be sure to always wash it in cold water — even pre-washed produce.
Despite being pre-washed, produce sitting at the grocery store has likely passed through many hands, depending on the distance it has traveled. Hands are dirty — even yours — so you'll want to wash your hands before you wash the potatoes and celery, and still wash produce that’s labeled as pre-washed, just to be safe.