Dirt pudding with gummy worms
You'll Take A Nostalgic Trip With Some 'Dirt Pudding'
By Crystal Antonace
Dirt pudding is a nostalgic dessert many of us remember from childhood, and you can embrace the coming spring by remaking this classic retro recipe with some seasonal flair.
To make dirt pudding, combine pudding mix and milk with whipped topping, layer it in a large baking dish, and top it with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies mixed with butter.
You can also make individualized trifles in plastic cups or layer the ingredients in a large, traditional serving bowl for a more modest approach when serving a crowd of adults.
Make this dessert more realistic with Southern Living's addition of candy-covered strawberries to look like carrots, or On My Kid’s Plate suggests serving it in terra cotta pots.
To create a summery dessert, you can make blue-dyed vanilla pudding with crushed vanilla sandwich cookies to look like a sandy beach near the ocean.