Trader Joe's storefront with parked cars and shoppers going in and out
You'll Save So Much Time When Cooking With Trader Joe's Garlic & Ginger Cubes
By Haldan Kirsch
With Dorot Gardens' frozen garlic and ginger cubes, available at Trader's Joe, you can add ginger and garlic to your meal without all the peeling, slicing, crushing, or mincing.
Frozen cubes can be a weeknight game-changer as they dissolve quickly in a pan or pot, or they can sit out for 30 minutes to dissolve at room temperature.
For a while, the best option to add garlic or ginger has been giant jars of pre-minced or pulverized ingredients, but they can't provide the same flavor as fresh cloves or roots.
Frozen garlic and ginger cubes are flash-frozen the moment they're processed, halting flavor degradation for a better alternative that’ll stay fresh for two years in the freezer.
Besides Trader Joe's, the ginger and garlic cubes from Dorot Gardens are also available at other convenience stores, such as Safeway or Harris Teeter.