A jar of green olives
You'll Probably Regret Draining Canned Olives
By Angel Albring
To help reduce the sodium, many people drain the juice that canned olives come in, but you may want to hesitate before doing this.
Olive brine helps the olives last longer, and an opened can that is stored with the brine can last for three weeks.
Even if you’re following a recipe that requires you to drain the olive juice, you should instead save the liquid and store it for future use.
The brine from olives can be used as a mixer for cocktails, like dirty martinis, or it can be used to whip up a homemade salad dressing or as a marinade for chicken or fish.
Olive juice can last for around six months in the fridge in a container with an airtight lid. Be sure to strain all parts of the fruit out of the brine so that they don't go bad.