Glass of mojito cocktail with ice cubes, mint, lime and muddler.
You'll Need A Muddler To Make The Perfect Mojito
By Heather Newman
To make a perfect mojito, you need a muddler — a mixology tool similar to a pestle — to bring the mint to life and add a new dimension of flavor to the cocktail.
A muddler is like a mortar and pestle, but for glass. Muddling your mint means releasing the oil and flavor from the leaves and allowing it to mingle with the other ingredients.
Usually, a muddler has a long handle with a flat base that can be punctuated with teeth. However, when it comes to mojitos, look for a wooden muddler with no teeth.

You'll know you're doing it right when the mint becomes more fragrant in the glass. You can also use a muddler to mix and muddle basil or fruits to bring flavor to a mojito.