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You'll Immediately Want To Grab One Utah-Famous Treat At Costco
By Arianna Endicott
Salt Lake City's Sweet Candy Company has reached a wider market and begun selling its chocolate-covered cinnamon gummy bears at Costco.
While the inside of the candies may be slightly spiced thanks to the cinnamon flavor, the chocolatey exterior complements it with its sweet coating.
TikToker @costcoguide reviewed the candy in a video, saying, "The combination sounds weird, but they are amazing," and claiming it's "one of the best ... treats I've ever had."
As the company is popular in Utah, Sweet Candy Company's VP, Rachel Sweet, shared that despite being around since the 90s, the candy hasn't had much success outside the state.
The company also sells a version without the milk chocolate coating. Besides Costco, you can find both candies at Walmart, Smith's Food & Drug, Harmons, and Associated Food Stores.