You'll Get Tastier Mashed Potatoes By Adding Rutabaga
By Chase Shustack
In case you are unfamiliar with rutabaga, MasterClass describes it as "a type of oblong root vegetable similar to turnips." It is also described as a cross between a turnip and cabbage with a slightly bitter, earthy taste, and it is a perfect ingredient to add to your mashed potatoes.
By adding some rutabagas to your mashed potatoes, you get a slight hint of flavor, a nice pop of color, and a texture that is creamier and less dense than your average mashed potatoes. You can try Anne Burrell's recipe, which recommends blending a peeled and chopped rutabaga in with boiled potatoes, butter, and cream.
Turnips are great substitutes for rutabagas if you have none on hand, as they have a sweet, nutty, and somewhat earthy flavor, similar to the light taste of rutabaga. The concept of mashing turnips with potatoes is not uncommon, as Martha Stewart has a recipe for "turnip and potato mash" described as being "peppery," not too dissimilar from rutabaga mashed potatoes.