A large butternut squash cut in two
You'll Be Cutting The Thickest Veggies With Ease With One Hack
By Wendy Gould
When cooking with vegetables, they can be nearly impossible to cut through. Luckily, there is a new hack on Instagram for cutting dense varieties of produce like butternut squash.
TikTok star Sidney Raz posted a video on Instagram demonstrating a new hack for cutting dense vegetables. He places a knife on a butternut squash and rocks it back and forth.
With the knife doing the work rather than your arms, this makes it much easier to cut, as it results in expending less energy when chopping.
It’s also safer. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, applying more force when cutting ingredients could result in losing control of the knife.
Also, microwaving a squash for several minutes softens the vegetable, making the knife move easier. In conjunction with the rocking, this makes chopping squash a breeze.
Employing this method will make preparing other tough-to-cut produce like acorn or spaghetti squash, Daikon radishes, or rutabagas a breeze.