Close up bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough dip with pretzels and graham crackers
You Should Scrape The Bowl When Making Cookies, According To Science
By Haldan Kirsch
When making cookies, scraping the sides of the bowl ensures that all of the ingredients are blended together cohesively, and skipping this step can be a serious mistake.
By skipping this step, you can end up with streaks of sugar or butter throughout the batter or even an incorrect ratio of ingredients, which can result in flat, brown cookies.
As annoying as it is, it’s best to scrape down your bowl after each new ingredient. Add an ingredient, mix it briefly, and scrape down anything that gets stuck to the sides.
If using a stand mixer, be sure to also scrape the bottom of the bowl and the mixing attachment itself. Fold the dough a few more times just to further ensure everything’s mixed.
A bowl scraper is a great tool for this task. If you need to buy one, pick one that’s flexible enough to bend to the shape of the bowl, but firm enough to give you leverage.