Delicious hot crispy fried chicken on a fork.
You Should Rest Fried Chicken Before Eating It. Here's Why
By Betsy Parks
Biting into a hot piece of freshly made, perfectly seasoned fried chicken is heavenly, and it becomes more special when homemade. While it is tempting to dig in and enjoy that golden-browned chicken right after it’s cooked, the ultimate way to get the most out of your fried chicken is to let it rest before serving.
After your chicken is cooked, give your chicken about 10 minutes to rest on a wire rack before serving. When meat is cooked, the proteins squeeze together and push out moisture, so resting the meat allows the cooked proteins to contract as they cool, redistributing the juices.
This moisture loss improves even more the longer you let the chicken (or other pieces of meat) rest, but 10 minutes is an optimal time to keep your food warm for serving. The wire rack is also crucial, as Bon Appetit says that cooling your chicken directly on paper towels will allow it to steam and make the crispy skin soggy.