Flour in a burlap sack with wooden scoop and wheat ears
You Should Be Using Flour To Polish Your Stainless Steel Cookware
By Chase Shustack
Flour can be a great cleaning agent for stainless steel cookware and appliances, as its unique "absorption" abilities break down and absorb any dried-on residue.
Flour has a mild abrasiveness that can't be felt when rubbed on the hand, but it is enough to break down particularly tough pieces of grime or grease.
As it's composed of starches and gluten, spreading it across a wet or sticky surface, such as oil in a pan, turns the liquid into a thick paste that's easier to clean.
To polish your utensils, clean them with a regular cleaner, and after drying, rub a flour-sprinkled microfiber cloth in a circular motion until the flour appears to "vanish."