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You Should Be Adding Coffee
To Brownie
Mix, According
To TikTok
By David Tran
While brownies are delicious and decadent in their most basic form, their versatility allows for many variations that help take this dessert to the next level. One TikTok user, @katedavidsun, recently shared a video where she elevated boxed brownies by incorporating coffee into the mix, a technique that all brownie-lovers need to try.
In the video, TikToker Kate starts a typical brownie mix with oil and eggs, but pours ¼ cup of espresso into the mixing bowl instead of water. In the video’s comments, people offered their own brownie-baking tips, like swapping water for red wine and orange peel or using butter instead of oil.
This pairing has been around for a long time and is backed by science — adding coffee to chocolate intensifies the chocolate taste without adding coffee flavors. They both go through a similar fermentation process and have nearly identical chemical makeup, as both cacao, which chocolate derives from, and coffee have caffeine.