Hot air fryer with Samosa
You Need To Avoid The Temptation Of Overcrowding Your Air Fryer
By Garth Clingingsmith
Air fryers are small, efficient convection ovens that cook food quickly and give them a delicious crisp without any oil. Not only do air fryers lend to healthier meals, but they can also help you cut down on energy costs — just make sure to never overcrowd an air fryer.
Stuffing too much food into an air fryer won’t allow your food to cook properly since the air cannot effectively crisp up the food. This overcrowding can produce steam and cause a soggy meal, so it’s always better to make two batches of crispy food, than one mushy meal.
Air fryers come in different size options — it’s recommended to have one quart of capacity per person, meaning if you have a family of four it’s best to get a four-quart air fryer. For a larger cooking area, an air-frying toaster oven is an answer, as they have broad cooking areas and look like classic countertop toaster ovens.