Falling cucumber slice isolated on white background, clipping path, full depth of field
You Have To Salt And Drain Cucumbers Before Adding Them To Your Salad
By Grace Allison
While cucumbers are a delicious addition to your salad, their high water content can dilute other flavors, so make sure you salt and drain them before using.
Salt pulls out water from the cucumber while draining removes any additional moisture. As a result, you get a drier, crisper cucumber.
Wash and cut the cucumber into your desired shape, then put the pieces in a colander. Sprinkle salt over the pieces until coated, and let them drip for 20-30 minutes.
After this time, softly apply pressure to each piece to remove any extra water that might still be on the surface. Rinse under cold water to remove the salt.
Pat the slices dry after rinsing. Kosher salt clings well to vegetables and is easily distributed, and Himalayan salt works well, too — just make sure to grind it down.