Four quarter pound stick of AA grade butter on a bamboo cutting board.
You Can Use Butter Papers For One Clever Baking Trick
By Garth Clingingsmith
Butter is wrapped in waxed parchment or foil to prevent it from absorbing odors from its surroundings and losing moisture, but we can get some extra use out of them before they get tossed. There are many ways to use — and reuse — those buttery wrappers, such as laying them on bread as it leaves the oven or exits the toaster for a light buttery taste.
They are a great non-stick layer between burger patties destined for the freezer, are a tidy way to press Rice Krispies Treats into a pan, or can be easily wrapped around corn on the cob for some extra flavor. Foil butter papers can withstand higher heat and can be used to wrap baked potatoes or laid over roasting meats to provide some basting and insulation from the intense heat.
Using butter wrappers is also a great tasting alternative to many non-stick cooking sprays that usually contain more ingredients than just oil, which can alter the taste of the dish. Use the wrappers to grease the muffin tin or baking dish as soon as you unwrap the butter, or just fold up the papers to seal in the butter and freeze for later use.