Shoppers leave a Costco Wholesale Club store
You Can Get One Luxury Ingredient For A Steal At Costco
By C.A. Pinkham
At Costco, you can find plenty of high-end products in bulk for shockingly affordable prices. This includes one of the most well-known luxury ingredients in cooking: saffron.
It takes around 75,000 flowers to make 1 pound of saffron, and the flowers only bloom for six weeks a year and have to be harvested early in the morning, making it very costly.
Saffron typically costs around $30 for tiny, tiny amounts — but Costco sells a legitimately astounding 15 grams of the spice for just $80.
Saffron has an earthy, floral, sweet quality, and a little goes a long way, as it's a relatively strong flavor. That 15 grams of saffron from Costco will last you quite a while.
You can find tons of other fancy ingredients at Costco. Some stores sell Japanese wagyu beef for around $100 per pound, whereas a butcher shop will typically offer it for $250.