A McDonald's sign with the Golden Arches
You Can Get A Basket Of Fries At McDonald's, But Is It Worth It?
By Carly Weaver
Whether it’s a "secret" item, a popular menu hack, or a rare limited-release item, McDonald’s is one fast-food franchise that is practically always full of surprises. The latest craze is the basket of fries that’s been available at some locations for several years, but it might be better to order your fries the way you have been all along.
The basket first rolled out at select McDonald's locations like Nashville, TN, and Huntsville, AL, back in 2019, and while it’s still listed on their website, it's unclear how many locations offer this item. However, don't worry if you haven't gotten a chance to order the basket, because you're not really missing out.
As a couple of helpful McDonald's employees explain on TikTok, the basket of fries is merely two medium-sized fries dumped into a tray. That means as far as bang for your buck, you're better off just ordering the large fries — which are the most cost-effective order at McDonald's.