West Palm Beach, USA - April 18, 2014: A Costco Wholesale store in West Palm Beach, Florida. Costco is a combined department store and supermarket that sells in bulk and requires a club membership to shop. Customers are visible going in and out  of the store entrances.
You Can Actually Buy Luxurious Truffles At Costco
By Nico Danilovich
Any Costco member who's a connoisseur of truffles can purchase nearly two ounces of Pebeyre Whole Winter Black Truffles for $90 plus tax.
While this is still a big purchase, truffles can be sold for hundreds of dollars per ounce at other retailers — RJP Unlimited sets its price at roughly $113 for the same product.
Truffles' expensiveness and luxuriousness mostly stem from their natural rarity. They are difficult to cultivate and require trained animals to forage, limiting their availability.
Since a handful of nations farm black truffles, they're easy to source, making them more economical than pungent white truffles but tastier than the cheaper burgundy truffles.
Dubbed the King of Black Truffles, winter black truffles have a well-rounded, peppery flavor when cooked in butter or olive oil, and they pair great with a roast or risotto.
Pebeyre Whole Winter Black Truffles at Costco sport a 2.3-star rating out of 5, but since most reviews tend to fall at either end of the spectrum, it appears they're quite divisive.