Brownies with chocolate chips stacked up on a white background.
Yes, You Can Make Brownies With Store-Bought Cake Mix. Here's How
By Brianna Corley
The foodie community has found an abundance of ways to take store-bought cake mix and transform it into different types of baked goods. However, when it comes to using cake mix to make brownies, many are quite skeptical due to their different textures, but there’s a way to easily bake your pre-made cake batter into a batch of firm and tasty brownies.
Most cake mixes suggest you throw water into its ready-made ingredients to help make the cake moist, so to transform your mix into brownies, you just need to add less liquid. Add two rather than three eggs, and a ⅓ cup (not a ½ cup) of vegetable oil to your batter.
The butter will help aerate your brownies and make them come out more cake-like. Once all your ingredients are combined, bake your batter at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, and any initial doubts you may have had will disappear when you enjoy your very own cake-mix brownies.