Traditional Italian salad with Burrata cheese and tomatoes. Fancy caprese with burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes, pesto and balsamic sauces. Summer dish with mozzarella cheese on white table with shadow
With Just Four Ingredients, You Can Turn Mozzarella Into A Burrata Clone
By Sarah Richter
Burrata cheese can be difficult for some to find, but there’s a way to mimic its flavor using chef Abra Berens’ ingenious technique that only takes four easy-to-find ingredients.
Simply toss a torn mozzarella ball with sour cream, lemon zest, and salt for a concoction that replicates burrata’s rich, tangy, buttery flavor and texture.
This fake burrata is ideal for salads or any room-temperature foods; however, Chef Berens warns against using it in warm food as it might not hold up to the temperature.
Chef Berens’ faux-burrata is a versatile mixture as it can also complement a firm, sharper cheese like Parmesan or be used as a spread on a room-temperature pizza crust.