Top view of lots of milk chocolate pieces
Why You Shouldn't Overlook Milk Chocolate
By Linda Larsen
As children, many of us loved milk chocolate, but as we grew up, we graduated from our childhood chocolate tastes and began to switch it up like turning to the rich flavor and bitter edge of dark chocolate. However, if you’re someone who has ditched milk chocolate for dark chocolate, you may want to reconsider your position and give milk chocolate another chance.
There’s something on the market that may change the minds of milk chocolate and dark chocolate lovers: dark milk chocolate. Containing around 50% cacao, it incorporates a variety of undertones like smoke, fruit, and molasses, and other added ingredients that help the chocolate taste smoother and creamier.
Dark milk chocolate like Castronovo Dark Milk Chocolate and Fruition Dark Milk takes the best of milk and dark chocolate and combines them to create a very sophisticated flavor. You can use dark milk chocolate in baked recipes for brownies or chocolate cake and, of course, you can always keep a few dark milk chocolate bars on hand for a quick snack.