Stock photo showing an elevated view of a smoking hot frying pan containing a raw rump steak seasoned with Garlic and Rosemary.
Why You Shouldn't Oil The Pan When Making Steak
By Heidi Chaya
Cooking steak at home can be easy with the right tools, ingredients, and techniques. However, even with all these in hand, one common mistake many people make when cooking steak is to oil the pan, which can result in one culinary tragedy.
Messy splatters occur when the steak hits the hot oil in the pan due to moisture on the steak vaporizing in the hot oil, and the oil also creates too much smoke that rises, hits the ceiling, and keeps on going. Another reason not to oil the pan is that the steak will inevitably soak up the excess oil, which will add a ton of fat to the finished product.
Instead of oiling the pan when making steak, lather the steak with the fat or oil of your choice before cooking to ensure it gets an even coating. After cooking the steak, don’t forget to let it rest before serving to retain all its juices.