Why You Should Start Making Pasta With A Dutch Oven
By Chris Day
Pasta should ideally be tossed in the sauce before it has reached an al dente texture and continue to cook there. However, since the sides of most pans are not high enough to contain a pound of pasta and all that sauce, you may find yourself in the middle of the sauce splash zone, which can be easily avoided if you use a Dutch oven.
The high sides of the Dutch oven keep the sauce in the pot, while the oven itself keeps the food at the ideal temperature for serving. A Dutch oven eliminates the usual steps of boiling the water to cook the pasta and draining it afterward.
Cooking everything together in the Dutch oven gives the flavors a chance to combine and the pasta a chance to absorb the savory broth. Click on the button below to find a video demonstrating how you can add all the ingredients (sauce, spices, onions, and uncooked spaghetti) right into the oven and let it all slowly simmer, thereby letting the sauce do the work of cooking the pasta.